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A Couple of things annoy me about JTTCOTE

The first thing that annoys me is this. When they get trapped in that cave and find they have to climb down, the lady says she has enough rope to go down 200feet. Actually no, really she had enough rope to go down 600feet, because all three of them had one rope each.

The sensible thing to do here would have been that that they all climbed down the one rope one at a time, and that way they would have had 400ft of rope left to climb down or up anywhere else. There is never only just one hole in a cave.

The other thing that annoyed me was this. When they were in the train cars going down the track it suddenly split into 3. This is impossible. Usally when you have a track going different directions you would need somebody in a box somewhere changing the track over via a lever. There is no way in the world that train cars would go in different directions at the same time.

There were many other things wrong with the movie, but it was enjoyable to a point.