This ruined Indiana Jones forever.

I'm not just talking about any possible future movies.
I'm talking about the previous ones too, the whole thing is ruined by this crap.

Raiders is my favorite film of all time, so imagine how happy I am with this.

I remember posting on imdb before skull came out that it looked like an awful idea, I predicted the ignorance of casting Shia, the awkwardness of shooting with Ford playing an old man, the weariness of setting this in the fifties, the stupidity of the aliens idea (yeah, I cracked the mistery of the skull before it came out, what a genius I must be right? That was such a super twist!).
So it had all the signs for being a bad project, and I posted my dissent.
But I got a barrage of criticism from the board on imdb saying that I was a naysayer and that it could be good, and if it wasn't, how was this gonna diminish the previous ones? Just skip it and pretend it doesn't exist.
Well, it's been 10 years since this disgrace of a piece of crap, and it does exist, and Indiana Jones is deader than Belloq in the movie world, and I blame this miserable piece of crap for that.

Without skull, Indiana Jones would be regarded as THE greatest film trilogy from the '80s, and a classic one, like back to the future, or even the matrix (with all its faults).
With skull, it's just another movie series gone awry with its protagonist and creators, like die hard or lethal weapon. What a shame, what a waste.


Nah I disagree. At least with this you can easily ignore it and it doesn't change anything that happened in the ones that came before. I have no problem believing that this film doesn't exist in the IJ's universe. Even if it does, it doesn't change anything we know about the character.

Unlike say Han Solo who by the end of ROTJ is no longer a smuggler, shows he cares about things, and falls in love. By TFA, he's a smuggler again, divorced, and a deadbeat Dad.

Although yes, please leave the good stuff alone and let it be. Die Hard, SW, Terminator DF, Ghostbusters, all prime examples of this.


I predicted the ignorance of casting Shia

Shia is one of those actors where anything he's in people don't like this character at all or just don't care about him.


My friend, that's too true.

But you should have been around on imdb when I was bitching about this turd in the making.
Shia was still the flavor of the month after that crapfest that was transformers, so me saying "an established series like Indiana Jones shouldn't chase after this bozo, he sticks out like a sore thumb" was seen as an out of fashion statement.


Maybe it's because he's too goofy to be a leading man, don't know what it is but people don't care about Shia at all.