White Wife

How is it that Melvin was so pro-black and complaining about the white man, then made an entire movie on the black struggle but then married a white woman.

And, how can Mario do an adaptation of the film when he's talking about his own people, did he forget that he has white blood in him too!

I don't get it, if you're half white or married to a white person, how can you talk about the black struggle and how the white man tries to hold you down????????????????

That's like making a film about how wrong the Holocaust was then marrying a Nazi!


Pretty much every black person in America has white blood. That's a consequence of slavemasters raping their female slaves. So whether or not Mario has white blood in him is inconsequential. America still views him as a black man. The color of his skin, pure black or not, pegs him as a black man. And so, he's had to live his life as a black man in America.

And for the record, "The Man" does not encompass every white man...or woman. Plenty of white people worked on Sweetback...and Baadasssss! That doesn't make Sweetback any less of a revolutionary statement, or a "less black" film.


Hmmmm? How can a woman be ultra feminist and very vocal about the abuse women have suffered at the hands of men and still marry a man? Isn't that what you are asking in some ways. One can ahte the sin and still love the sinner. Or maybe Melvin was open minded enough to not think every white person was his enemy. That allowed him to fall in love with a white woman and have plenty of white friends.

Is it inconsistent? Perhaps. But so were the white slave owners who despised black folks but still slept with female slaves.


does'nt make any difference,but I don't think mr.van peebles & his wife were together around the time "sweetback" movie came out.
but does'nt make any sense. I know a lot of ppl that were in the black panther party & did the same thing.
just a bunch of rhetoic is all.

popeye has ate his spinach


yeah..kind of a contradiction

charles barkley used to go hard against whites but he is married to a white woman also

interesting that the film dances around the issue of his wife being white...I don't think she's shown


I don't think melvin wants many ppl to know that. espcially sice mario & his sis look fully african american.

brush your breath,brush your breath,brush your breath with dentyne.


Melvin nor any of the children have ever tried to hide the fact.


I hear you...but the wife of the main character never appears in the film...



she problably didn't give permission for it. but I saw a pic of her & mario in jet magizine.

I like your show,I admire your style, but your pays so cheap, I won't be back for a while.