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Why did they care about the girl in the first place? spoilers

I was liking this movie enough right up until the boat scene. Vandy pants gives the girl a big hug or something. I thought dude your wife just died and your son is kidnapped all because of this girl. Why do you care about her? Why did his wife care about her on the dock at the start of the movie? Because her mother was killed?


"Vandy's" wife didn't know Kim's mom had died until later, after the docks. I think. I'm not too sure because I didn't see the uncut version, and in my version there was no time that the girl actually explained her situation to her. I'm thinking it was sometime after she got her home, bathed, and fed that she started to open up and reveal her reasons for running away.

However, we are to get the sense that her character, Cynthia Archer, is that kind of person. The kind that go out of their way to do good selfless deeds for other people. Its rare, but people like that are actually out there. Well.. I think they are. Honestly, I've never met one. But the point is we're suppose to think that she is.

Ben Archer's reason for caring about the girl - aside from any inherent "good guy" sense he has to protect someone young and defenseless - was probably because his wife had cared so much for her. Like, my wife is dead but if she felt that caring for this girl was so important, than I owe it to her to make sure the child is protected... in her honor.

There is no flavor text!


Yes she was saying at the dock to that other guy that she has been through enough and she's only 14. Yes careing and compassionate and then the girl was something his wife cared about, that sounds spot on to me. Thanks heaps for writing it all down for me. I appreciate it.