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Unven season 5, but brilliant last couple of episodes

The first half of season 5 mirrored the second half of season 5 - in both cases episodes got better as they proceeded. This is especially true with the last two episodes of the show, which I can see as being the series finale because of the way it ended.

The penultimate episode, "Courting Disaster," would have to be my favorite though, for the reveal that [spoiler]we have not been seeing, in the past few episodes, flashbacks of the Bluth family in 1982, but a tv show ABOUT the Bluths recreating their lives - which explains why Taran Killam and Colbie Smulders are playing young George and Lucille Booth instead of Seth Rogan and Kristen Wiig, who portrayed younger versions of George and Lucille in season 4. Smulders and Killam are playing themselves playing the roles in the tv series about the Bluths[/spoiler]