Which do you prefer?

The Blood Omen Games or the Soul Reaver games.

Personally I like the Blood Omen games more....



The Soul Reaver games.


I like them both.


Soul Reaver. :)


I consider them all one series but
Blood Omen was simply awesome
Blood Omen 2 was the Black Sheep of the series a piece of junk barely and story and weapon breaking CMON crappy

So I will say Soul Reaver since none of them sucked



Well, that depends...where is Defiance?

I feel this way:

Blood Omen
Soul Reaver 2
Soul Reaver
Blood Omen 2

So, they kind of even out if Defiance is its own entity, but if it is one of the Blood Omen games, then they win out. Basically, Blood Omen was so drastically superior to any of the others, that the only thing which could have weighed it down was Blood Omen 2, which I cannot emphasize quite how truly terrible it felt to me. It's just unbelievably out of place.

The remaining three games each had some flaws keeping them below Blood Omen's level, and each one's flaws mattered less (to me) as the series went on.