Kain = Bill Nighy

For anyone who has ever watched Underworld, sometimes Bill Nighy pulls off the best voice of Kain you could imagine, bar Simon Templeman of course :)

If the film was bot CGI, i think hed be perfect.

What does everyone else think


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i thought the same thing when i saw that movie. but if there was a kain movie i would prefer the original actor reprise his role.


when Queen of the Dammed came out in theatres I went to nearest cinema expecting it to be a Legacy of Kain film after seeing a billboard on street. I thought that man would be Raziel which looked alot like him and the woman behind him would be a female version of kain. As the movie started the film started with the man narrating sounding exactly like Raziel. Then I almost began damning the film cuz I was thinking the director made Raziel a rock star. Then they introduced his name 'lestat' and I was thinking they changed the source of the game completly with the name change. At first I was damning it but I slowly started to love it cuz the vampires were so cool and the soundtrack was awesome. Well in the end of the movie I then realized this wasnt a LoK film. I read up more of the source of the film and its a somewhat sequel to Interview with a Vampire.

So from there on I always thought that guy that played Lestat, (steward townsend?) should be Lestat. And what you said about Bill Nighty, I also thought the same. There should be a Soul Reaver film then make a prequel about Blood Omen.

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Bill Nighy is definately a good enough actor to portray the character of Kain, but i think i'd prefer to see the original back in the role. Perhaps a live action version of the series would be better suited for Bill Nighy, as like you said there is a similarity, but for this series i think CGI would be a better medium.

And please god no, not the guy who played Lestat in QOTD. Have you see him act in other things? You should, it's worth it just for the laugh... from what i recall he even got removed from the LOTR movies, not a good sign of a good actor. Good old Tom Cruise played that character better and that should tell you everything you need to know.