new games?

does anyone know if any new LoK games are going to be made?


considering 90% of the production crew has left Crystal Dynamics.. I doubt it


It's too bad... the type of world it was, the storyline, the characters and the voice acting... it's a shame that it's going to end with Defiance, there's still more of the storyline to be told.


Unfortunately it is believed that there will be no new games in the series as a tribute to Tony Jay's passing.


As a tribute to Tony Jay's passing? thats *beep* i doubt he would care if the series continued or not.


they should continue the franchise in memory of tony jay.
even if they dont do another game and live action film or animated flick would be good.

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This is a great source for information on LoK, including updates. It seems there was a canned sequel, in part because of the team leaving and in part because the Defiance sales didn't reach their goal.


Frankly, I'm thankful it ended at Defiance. It was a great series with a fantastic ending to a storyline that - but for the terrible Blood Omen 2 - was probably one of the most filmworthy of any game/series out there.

As someone who was probably more hooked on the storyline than the gameplay, I was genuinely afraid that they might try to turn out a Legacy of Kain title without the involvement first of Amy Hennig, and then of anyone else who worked on the previous games. Blood Omen 2, which struck me as more of a terribly cheesy episode of the Outer Limits than a real Legacy of Kain game, was a sobering example of what happens to a fantastic storyline when it's handed off to a group largely unrelated to the previous games. It's easy to cut the whole mess of BO2 out of the storyline and not miss a thing, but I dreaded the thought of them turning out a "grand finale" for the series that mimicked that joke and featured aliens, space ships, random, plothole-filler characters or "Devices," big-breasted token female characters, and painfully cheesy dialogue.

I like the fact that it ended on a high note.

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The story hasn't ended yet. The Elder God still needs to be dealt with. The Elder God warns Kain that he is immortal and will return. Kain is still back in time when the Pillars of Nosgoth have just been corrupted.


Yes and no. Before Amy Hennig left, there was a large collection on where the story was going and the like locked in a vault, so that it could be picked back up. Obviously, the story isn't totally over and, ideally, someone could follow the paint-by-numbers instructions and pull it off.

However, Blood Omen 2 apparently did apply to the storyline, it just had very poor execution. So who knows how torched it would be.

I think the story can end at Defiance; Kain has gone back in time and defeated the Elder God, and can be the Guardian he was always meant to be.

Also, if they did make another game, I doubt the Elder God would be in it. Sadly, Tony Jay passed away a while ago, and I don't think anyone could match his voice.


They might be able to "fake it". A lot of the Elder God's dialogue was pretty much just "I am the Wheel of Life", "You cannot escape me, Raziel!", "This is all your fate", "I am the Wheel of Life and Death", etc.

In other words, they could have the Elder God sit behind the scenes for most of it, communicating his actions and plans through peons, then just have a couple small scenes containing him and using recycled dialogue from Tony Jay's recordings. Finish him off in a worthy manner and carry on.


They wouldn't need to fake it. If anybody remembers The Jungle Book. An actor named George Sanders originally did the voice of Sheer Kahn the Tiger. After he died, any other time that Sheer Kahn was in something, including Jungle Book 2 and Tail Spin, Tony Jay did his voice. They just need to find another actor with a profoundly deep voice. It's not that difficult.



Very few people seem to understand that the series has indeed ended. And very few people seem to know just where Blood Omen 2 comes into the series and how it completely makes sense when that is taken into account.

So many fans were dismayed at the travesty that Blood Omen 2 appeared to be, but this is because people played the games in order of commercial release, not in order of Nosgoth chronology.

Take into account that a time paradox was created at the end of Soul Reaver 2.

"Behind Kain’s eyes, I could see new memories blooming and dying, as history labored to reshuffle itself around this monumental obstruction. And I could see by the dawning horror on his face that perhaps we had strained history too far this time. That by trying to alter my fate, he may have introduced a fatal paradox." - Raziel, SR2

As Defiance continues where Soul Reaver 2 left off, Kain is in Nosgoth's past where the Serafan are in their prime, while Raziel is lost to the Abyss till he comes to in the era of Moebius' mercenary army, revisiting the events of the beginning of Soul Reaver 2.

So unfold the events of the game, throughout which the Heart of Darkness is discovered to have been taken from Janos' murdered body by the Serafan, hidden and prized, until it was placed within Kain as Mortanius's righteous attempt at returning the Pillars to Vampire rule.

"The Heart of Darkness. Life was precious, Janos would discover, as it was torn, throbbing and bleeding, from his own body." - Kain, BO1

As the Vampires were their original guardians, the Pillars existed to ward off the Hylden. However, under Human guardianship, the Pillars' effect on Nosgoth's preservation were lessened, fragmenting the binding that maintained the Hylden's banishment.

"At the moment of my first cry, Ariel's beloved, the Guardian Nupraptor, finds her corpse. Wracked with grief and tormented with suspicions of treachery, Nupraptor plunges into a madness which overflows and infects all of the Guardians, who are symbiotically bound. Including me. The repercussions of Ariel's assassination were expertly calculated. The entire Circle descends into madness, and I am tainted at the moment of my birth, instantly rendered incapable of fulfilling the role destiny has prepared for me."

"The Pillars don't belong to them, Raziel... ...They belong to us." - Kain, SR2

Raziel confronts Kain at Avernus Cathedral and tears out the Heart of Darkness from his chest, then returns to Vorador's mansion to ressurect the preserved body of Janos. This is a success, and one that comes at the cost of the Hylden Lord's return when the pre-ordained timeline triggers the Pillars' destruction. Janos is possessed by the Lord, who vanquishes Raziel and escapes.


During the events of Blood Omen 2, the pillars still stand. Kain accepted the sacrifice, yet he lives. In truth, the paradox created by Raziel's sparing at the end of SR2 granted the Hylden and their Lord entrance into Nosgoth, the latter disguising himself as the Serafan Lord while directing his troops to travel under the guise of Glyphwrights. Kain's vampire armies have grown, to the point where he dares to attack Meridian, where the Serafan's strongest bastion resides, along with their leader. There he is struck down, and the Soul Reaver is claimed by the Lord while Kain lies in limbo for centuries.

Blood Omen 2 has us discover that the ripples of Raziel's sparing introduced the Hylden and the Demons to the world, and we find out that after having used Janos' body as a host, the Hylden Lord then disposed of him, having him become The Beast, a creature that powered the Mass, a weapon hidden for eons in the depths of Nosgoth, presumably by the Hylden themselves, for future use to wipe out the Human and Vampires races entirely, claiming Nosgoth as their own.

"You must delve further back into history, Kain, to know the truth of our heritage. Long ago, and long before I first walked the earth, vampires were godlike, and our kind ruled the land. But we were opposed by another race, similar to ours in power, but different in method and intention. The wars between us flamed for a thousand years, but we prevailed at last, and we banished our enemies from the face of the earth by powerful magic, sealing them into another plane of existence."

"Now we come to your part in this story. When you chose to destroy the Pillar of Balance, you caused a rift throughout the world, sufficient to breach through the dimensions. It was in this way that the Sarafan Lord was able to enter the world, by building a magical gate. This is the Hylden Gate. Close this gate Kain, and all the Hylden within Nosgoth will perish." Janos Audron, BO2

The Nexus Stone is eventually found, a key used by the Hylden Lord to open a gateway into Nosgoth, one that also has shielding properties. As Kain uses it, he gains the upper hand against the Hylden Lord, and the Stone itself is then used to shut the gate to the Hylden dimension, banishing them once and for all, and ensuring the rule of Vampires over Nosgoth, as it should be.


While everything you say is correct, there are still loose ends that Amy Hennig has said would have been addressed in the 6th game (which was given the working title of Dark Prophecy if memeory serves). These include why Vorador was alive in BO2. What happened to Janos after the end of BO2. Also, the Hylden were banished again but not defeated, with the pillars destroyed they could still return. To seal them away Kain would have to restore them, but because Raziel is now the soul reaver, he cannot create a paradox to undo what was done - he has to restore them and the Vampiric guardians in his own time...where SR1 begins.