An Idea for a Blood Omen Film...

My idea for a movie starting out in Nupraptor's Retreat. Kain is walking down that winding hallway that lights up as you walk through it, older gamers will remember, Kain is monolouging in classic LOK style about the nature of life and death and finally reveals his mission. That he's tracking down Nupraptor, one of the last of the Circle of Nine. Once Nupraptor falls, there will only be three more pillar guardians left, and Kain will be cured of his..."affliction". Suddenly the hallway goes dark, and although the tunnel is almost pitch black, Kain can sense that he is not alone, suddenly he activates his 'Light' spell, and Kain is revealed to be surounded by a group of Soldiers, all of them enslaved by Nupraptor, Kain draws his sword and reveals his Vampric nature by drainging the blood of the nearest soldier. Just as the battle is joined we're treated to a big chunk'o flashback. As the credits roll we're introduced to Kain, at this point still human, and the world of Nosgoth. Perhaps he has a run in with a group of currupt Sarafan, or maybe just bandits, but this scene estblishes that on top of being a powerful warrior, he's also already a acomplished magic user at this point. (Remember, in the game he just kind off nows magic right off the bat, so to speak)

Kain eventually rides into town, tired and perhaps wounded from battle. After a night of drinking he wanders into a rented room with a tavern wench and it is there he is ambushed, drunk and cought off guard Kain is killed and impaled on his own sword. As his funeral progresses (it is revealed here that he is a nobleman and a moderatly famous warrior) he makes a deal with a being who he assumes is the Devil himself, but we already know is Mortanius the Necromancer. Kain rises as a vampire and attacks his murderers, only after feeding on the blood of the Assasian's leader does he realize what he has become. Mortanius apears before him and reveals the "truth": Kain was nothing more than an experiment in creating ever more powerful forms of undead artificially. And that he was now of no more use to him, Kain attacks Mortanius, who easily subdues the vampire and flings him into a nearby river, almost killed by the water's acidic touch Kain fights for his life and eventually drags himself ashore, he attacks a group of Gypsies, feeds on their blood, and changes into bat form by accident when a group of Saragan arrive. The fleeing Kain crashlands near the Pillars, and Ariel reveals herself. We cut back to Nupraptor's retreat. Kain is of course the victor, having dispatched his enemies in grusome ways.

Kain is eventually confronted by Nupraptor, and after a short battle kills the madman with his claws. Decapitating him, Kain returns to the Pillars of Nosgoth, where Ariel fills us in on the usual Blood Omen story. (Nupraptor's madness and the whole Pillars being tied to Nosgoth deal) In order to find release from his existance as a Vampire, Kain must first kill the Nine Pillar Guardians, including the Necromancer who created him. The remaining Guardians all know who and what he is, and Malek, the Conflict Guardian has managed to either elude him or drive him away time and time again. (One time cutting both his arms off) We get a hint of the Nupraptor/Ariel angle here, it's not outright stated at this point although we get hints of it throughout the movie through Ariel/Kain's interaction, and we also get the idea that Kain has been hunting the Guardians for a very long time. Kain is frusterated, he wants the other Guardians and he wants them now. Ariel advises Kain to seek a Oracle in the west. Kain speeds off in bat form, as three figures, one clad in armor watch the pillars. One, identied as Moebius begins to panic, Kain has killed most of the other Guardians, some of the most powerful beings in Nosgoth, and has time and time again defeated any Sarafan warrior sent by Malek to kill him. He's growing stronger with every drop of blood he drinks, and it's all Mortanius' fault. Mortanius calls Moebius a cowardly fool and says that Kain is no threat, the other Guardians were weak, Kain is simply thining the herd, and that he has a plan to end Kain' once and for all.

Kain once again enters a tavern in a scene that reflects the earlier one, but instead of asking for ale and women, he procedes to feed on the Tavern's owner and the patrons, he stalks up the stairs, and is about to feed on the Owner's daughter when he decides against it. He may be a monster, he muses, but he was not a murderer of children. As Kain burns the bodies to prevent them from rising again as lesser undead, saying to himself he could at least do that for the girl, preventing her from seeing her father rise again as a wretched beast. As he monolouges again, he's met by "The Oracle" (Moe). The two converse, Kain growing impatient with The Oracle's smug attitude until he sees that the old man is sweting and listens to his racing heart. The Oracle is frightened, Kain, having had enough of The Oracle's attitiude, threatens him with his sword and The Oracle finally spins the beans. Kain will not be able to find a defeat the final Pillar Guardians on his own, he'll need the help of a elder vampire. Indeed, other than Kain, the elder Vorador one of the last of his kind, and leads a small nest of vampires somewhere in the swamps. Vorador is in possesion of a ancient sword that Kain would be interested in. Soul Reaver, a soul eating blade so old that it's past is shrouded the mists of time. It was crafted in a time when humanity was still young, and Dark Angels roamed the earth, drinking blood and creating the first vampires.

If Kain can gain power over the Reaver blade (which is picky about the vampire that wields it) Vorador will gain his respect and aid him in his quest to kill the Guardians. Kain tracks a hunting pack of Vorador's offspring back to his Mansion in the swamps, and after dispatching animated stone guardians and first resisting the temptation and eventually killing a few of his Vorador's brides, meets the vampire himself. It is here that Vorador reveals that as vampires age they shed their human forms and finally become the monster within. Kain is determined to avoid this fate and die a man, he demands to know where the Soul Reaver is Vorador is impressed with Kain's power and passion, but he says only a true vampire should be allowed a chance to wield the Soul Reaver. Kain has no sire, he was created, not 'born' into the life of a blood drinker, no vampire choose him to receave the dark gift and thus, he is not a true vampire. He is a fake, a copy, a sloppily made imitation and he has no right to the Reaver blade or Vorador's hospitality. Kain reveals the reason he wants the Blade. Ariel has offered him a cure for his "fake" vampirism, in return for the lives of all the Pillar Guardians. Vorador then reveals that it was he who first decimated the Nine, for Malek, the Sarafan priest had driven his kind to near exctinction and killed his sire, Janos. Is Kain was willing to kill the Nine, then the vampires would be able to their rightful place as the ultimate predators and humanity would once more be cattle. He decides that there would be no harm in letting Kain try, and if the Reaver deems him unworthy, it'd eat his soul. No harm done and the Reaver would be fed.

Kain is forced into a battle with Vorador's strongest offspring (they want a chance to wield the Reaver as well.) Kain kills them all, in often horrible ways. Only one other vampire remains, a hulking monstrosity. Kain is disarmed by the brute and is tossed around, his magic exshausted, Kain grabs the Reaver and impales the other vampire on it, who explodes. (In case you didn't know, the Soul Reaver originally blew enemies up in addition to eating their souls.) Emerging from the Reaver's chamber, he is met by Sarafan. Moebius reveals that he had been using Kain to help him destroy the last vampires in Nosgoth by leading the Sarafan to their final keep. Vorador curses Kain as a traitor, until Kain reveals the Soul Reaver, relizing that Kain is much more than he first apeared, Vorador breaks free, and decapitates Malek, at the same time being impaled on the Paladin's bladed staff , it is then that Mortanius apears, killing Vorador and binding the dead Malek's soul to his armor. With Vorador dead, Kain is the last of his kind. However, Kaink has the Soul Reaver, and manages to kill most of the Sarafan present as well as defeat Moebius. However, Mortanius is not concerened. There are much larger forces at work in this grand game then Kain's petty quest for revenge and release. He teleports himself and the still screaming Malek away. Leaving Moebius to his fate. Moebius at first pleads for his life, before laughing and revealing that he's seen Kain's future. Kain won't live beyond the night. Kain laughs, saying he hasn't been alive in years, before flaying Moebius alive. He then tracks down the Necromancer and the Paladin back to the pillars. It's here, in the middle of an arguemtn between the tortured Malek and the gloating Mortanius that we at last get the whole story.

It was Mortanius who had Janos killed, Mortanius who betrayed the original Guardians to Vorador, it was Mortanius who furthur distablized the the Order by killing Ariel and driving Nupraptor insane. And Mortanius created Kain for the exact purpose of killing the other guardians. And it was all for "them". Malek, in a frenzy, attacks the Necromancer, who simply reverses the magic that holds Malek's soul in his armor. A soul promply devoured by the Conflict pillars. Now only two pillars remain sickened. The pillar of balance and the pillar of death. Mortanius mocks Kain for his stupidity and arogance. He is still nothing more than a foolish noble with petty magic tricks and a ego far to large for his own good. Mortanius reveals that "They" have been engineering this day from the moment Kain was born, he's nothing but a pawn, a slave of fate. Kain is not amused, or impressed, he draws the Soul Reaver and demands Mortanius beg for his pitiful life. Mortanius laughs, even now, "They" are crossing the barrier created by the pillars, with their destruction, "They" will cross over and make Nosgoth a living hell, and he is now their Avatar.

Kain and Mortanius fight, the necromancer becoming more monstrous until his body is destroyed and a new creature rises from the smashed corpse. It's clearly a Hylden, although it's never named in the movie. This creature attacks Kain and the two continue to battle, until Kain impales the Hylden on his sword and pins him to the Pillar of Death. It's over, Kain can at last be free of his curse. But it's not be, for Ariel reveals that Kain has a choice to make, for he is the last Guardian, being called at Ariel's death. Mortanius' masters had been waiting for this day, shaping Kain into the perfect killing machine, turning him into a vampire and slowly currupting him, so that he would refuse the sacrifice, damning the Pillars and allowing "Them" to enter Nosgoth. But there is still some good in Kain, and he would sacrifice himself to restore the world to order and seal away Mortanius' masters....wouldn't he?

Needless to say, Kain refuses the sacrifice, he leaves the raging Ariel as the pillars crumble around him, as he does so something laughs with Mortanius' mouth. But all is not as it seems, Kain is tired of being a pawn, soon he will be king, and when Mortanius' masters finally reveal themselves, he'll be waiting for them, in fact, all of Nosgoth will be waiting for them, under Kain's rule....


So there it is, I think it's different enough from the game to remain interesting and (I hope) keeping in the spirit of the game. I cut out a lot of material from the first game to keep within time constraints. And, hopefully, be budget friendly. I'm not a writer by trade, but I think something in the same vein (PUNS!) could work. I do realize the likelyhood of such a film ever coming to light is very slim, however if a Legacy of Kain film ever was optioned to be filmed, it would face more than a few challenges.


It's not rape if you yell surprise.


I'd totally see this movie. :)