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Things I learnt From Watching Grimm* Spoilers Perhaps*

1 In Holland children who are in their twenties see themselves as being abandoned when they are forced out of the family nest.

2 While Holland freezes with blizzards and metres of snow, in Spain swimming in pools and getting sunburnt.

3 Europe appears to have no traffic on the roads, no people in the cities but has ghost towns, patrolled by police.

4 Jacob can ride his motorbike to the address Marie left for him and arrive to find she has got herself married to a man she met, while he was buying bread for them.

5 In Spain wealthy people in big houses with servants clean their teeth in the kitchen sink.

6.Some Spanish people have the medical training and the tools required to carry out complex surgery on two people.

7 The Dutch and Spanish don't appear to like one another very much, frequently insulting each another.

8 When stealing cars in Spain, thieves are likely to be assisted by owners who helpfully start the cars for them.

9 Brothers and sisters are unusually caring of one another in both Holland and Spain.

10 When the Dutch decide to end a film, it may well just end with no warning or climactic event precipitating things. The director just yells, "Cut! That's a wrap!", as our 2 heroes climb a gravelly hill with their pet donkey.