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This series bugged me. (spoilers)

I just saw it on DVD at one sitting.

First, there is no seeming point to it.
Second, there is an awful lot of extranious BS like the lesbian mentally abusive relationship and the son whose father married a prostitute and who sleeps with her only to have her suicide in the hotel room.
Third, the Bergstrom character who if anyone had any inkling about his point in the whole movie they would not have watched it.

The point is I think that they want to make money, so they find a seductive kind of plot that they think people are interested in, and they get some famous names around that area, and then they string together a sort of plot ... very simple and meaningless and nothing that tells us anything about Washington or lobbying, and then they mix it all up in time with human drama from above, and the series ends before you have any idea what it was about or why you watched it.

I thought better of Clooney, but since he was the producer, perhaps he thought of it. This was much like the movie Syrianna, which I would also decribe as a highly polished and interesting to watch TURD!

Clooney's image is of someone on the left, a Democrat, and yet that is all it is, image. This effort was complete garbage used to just make money.

The problem with the US anymore is that the people who run the country are all about making more money over providing nothing useful to the country. This explains why we cannot build any cars anymore, or manufacture anything, nor take care of our own people, nor do we seem to care.

Empty words and images feeding the viewers chemical cocktails that contain no nutition.

This movie was a twinkie in disguise.


i liked it.

wank off dead dogs





Oh, my -- I totally missed that the father's new wife was the same woman! Silly me.


I just bought the whole first (and only) season for $3.99 (from a supermarket bin). I'll save it for when I am really scraping around for something to watch.
Why aren't I eager to see it? Because when a series is good, even if it only lasts a season, a lot more entries show up in the discussion forum for it here on IMDB.
Looks like it was an interesting idea but got ruined along the way.
I'll watch it sometime and maybe be pleasantly surprised. Then, again, maybe not.


I agree .... it could have been an interesting series. I also think not many American
TV/Video watchers even know or care what K-Street is. Good luck. Let us know
what you think!