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rewatching episode where she throws party.

just got a question when she first lives the day, she is honest about meeting her ex and luc doesnt mind, so why on earth would she lie when she re-lives the day, if it was the other way around i would understand..



It's so funny, I just rewatched this episode too.
I think she hadn't talked to Davis at this point yet in the day the second time, so she was still just trying to keep Mark (her ex) away from her and everything in her life, and not throw the same party and recreate the events, so I believe she was probably trying to keep Luc away from Mark. Mayyybe.

Forgive me for not leaping for joy, bad back, you know.


If I was reliving the day so many times I would get fed up and go completely off book. Unless there was a somewhat good chance that today was the day it would work. Plus tru is a fantastic apologiser no one can ever stay mad at her for long