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Lindsay was the only one who...

Got a happily ever after. She got to married a nice guy (even though I didn't like him and thought she belonged with Harrison), and move to London.

Luc died, Meredith just disappeared, Tru still doesn't know about her father, Harrison is looking up to his father after getting a job and apartment from him, Davis is fooled by Carrie, Jensen is the living dead, Jack and Tru are still at war with each other etc etc

Oh, okay. Um, I invented Post-Its.


Jensen I believe had some sort of home cancer. All his family have mysteriously died. He didn't really hurt his hand the second time round so I believe that it will be used as a "punishment" for saving him when she wasn't supposed to according to Jack.
But knowing tru they would hopefully find a way around it because she deserves to be happy


Jensen's father is still alive, he wanted his son to be a doctor and pressured him a lot. Jensen was supposed to become more violent and then end up killing his father, because his soul had already been lost when Tru saved him. In the end, Tru would come to Jack for his help to end Jensen's life because Jensen was already dead inside. So it would've definitely been a sad ending for them both.

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