This may be, not only the best Austin City Limits episode i have ever seen, but quite possibly the best Nine Inch Nails show i have ever witnessed. Trent has always had bad luck with equipment malfunctions, but here it never seems to be a factor other than some idiot in the audience yelling, "I love you", a couple of times, especially when he's trying to speak. I have had the great fortune of seeing NIN during their peak (The Downward Spiral tour with Marilyn Manson and The Jim Rose Circus opening '94?) so that show may have been the best but then that would make this show a close second. What i actually liked most about this particular one were the 2 soulful back-up singers; a great addition and very impressive in their vocals. This may be a turn-off for those who are devoted to Broken/The Downward Spiral but who cares. I've been a fan since Pretty Hate Machine and i'm telling ya this is great stuff. Also great are the shots of the audience getting into it, especially the ladies dancing. Highlight : La Mer/The Wretched followed by The Big Comedown.