Hoosiers on the Res

Another user posted that this in one of many in the "change in the classroom" genre, and he listed a number of that genre while omitting the one that started it all, Blackboard Jungle, one of the best. But the movie that came to mind while I was watching this was Hoosiers, with Gene Hackman as the "outside" basketball coach going into a hostile situation at a small Indiana high school. While Hoosiers is superior to this film, I still enjoyed Edge of America. A nice change of pace for James McDaniel, showing us there is "life after NYPD Blue, in which he played Lt. Fancy.

Beyond that, this movie gives an interesting look into the Native American culture on the Three Nations Reservation, which is the reservation of the Ute people. Good performances by James McDaniel, Wes Studi (my favorite Indian actor), nicely supported by the girls of the team and several of the elders on the res. I recommend this for a good, enjoyable watch. 7.5 of 10.