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For those interested in native films...

...Check out the new Native American Indigenous Cinema & Arts website. The homepage features native filmmakers, actors, writers, and artists, with an online gallery and in-depth interviews. Our forum has boards on the latest films, upcoming film festivals, actors, and individual performers of note like Nathaniel Arcand, and Eddie and Michael Spears.

You will find that we also have hundreds of photos and screencaps that you won't see anywhere else on our forum as well as on our Coppermine gallery.

Join us!


I have read where Mr. Arcand has asked you to stop posting his involvement with NAICA. He said he was not involved with you. I have been to NAICA by reading the material I got the impression Mr. Arcand was involved with you.

I find it to be a disguised fan forum about actors already with websites and forums, groups. Some of the material I read at NAICA I have already seen from articles was sent to me from groups and other places.


Hey all!

If you're interested, NAICA has an in-depth interview with DeLanna Studi in our spring edition. A very intelligent and down to earth person!

DeLanna Article: