Anyone notice wrong stuff? the scene after the coach goes to Baby's house 'cause her mom took her out of school and the coach was talking to the mother while she was weaving and my mother said they WEREN'T supposed to talk through the loom.
Also, i'm not a traditional Navajo but aren't outsiders (non-navajos) NOT supposed to witness a ceremony? I really don't know if it's right or not, but performing a ceremony in a locker room is unusual.

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Well, it doesn't matter whether he was supposed to witness it or not. He was also in the girl's locker room. It wasn't appropriate for him to be in the locker room at all. He could have been fired for that.

Baby's mother was trying to help Kenny to understand how she felt about the school system- and that it was outrageously inconsiderate to her family's religion. I don't know if that was necessarily a mistake or whether it could have been interpreted as her trying to be a little more patient with his ignorance. He was obviously going out of his way to help baby get back to school though. Of course, she was one of the rudest characters in the story- from the very beginning when she wouldn't help him to when she drove off in his face when baby offered him a ride. Even the healing ceremony was somewhat rude because he wasn't informed ahead of time of it's being double booked over their practice.

It was pretty amazing that they were able to reconcile at all- but they did.


Some ceremonies allow 'outsiders' to watch/witness, some don't.. For those others can watch, personnally think that both should ask/tell the other whats ok and not ok for the ceremony .

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