Basd on a true story?

That's what the plot outline says. If so anyone know? Was wondering if it was based on the black coach who went to New Mexico to coach the girls at some border town on the Navajo Res. There was a doc on it awhile ago on PBS and it reminded me of this movie...

Nobody notices the sober Indians. On tv the drunk Indians emote In books drunk Indians philosophize


Yes, the text I read said that it's based on that story.


Yeah in fact, The Director gives no credit to the documentary this movie is based from, it is basically plagiarized. Rick Derby is the guy who did the documentary "Rocks with Wings". Its nuts if you watch the documentary and catch all the dialog they used in the movie "Edge of America".

I liked the movie though. I don't like where credit was not given where it was due though.


Yes it is based on an actual event. I personally went to the High School during the yrs of the lady basketball's winning seasons. I would see the black coach in the hallways while walking to my class. he always had a smile on his face. The games would be packed full of fans when i went. it was a great time in my life to experience it. he left to coach at a college and unfortunatly was killed in a automobile accident. He is truely missed by all that knew him.


And after a lot of searching, I found you can get the DVD of the original movie.

The team has a Facebook page, and the admin posted:
I've had several inquiries regarding the documentary, "Rocks with Wings" in regards to availability and purchase. I've contacted Rick Derby before and this is the information that he sent:
As the DVD is not mass produced, I ask $40 per DVD from individuals. The
institutional rate is much, much higher. The Shiprock price is $20 per DVD.

Send your check to:

Shiprock Productions
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Contact Info: Mr. Rick Derby, [email protected]