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EdgeOfAm is the hollywood remake of awesomeo documentary Rocks With Wings, which seems to be suppressed or otherwise taken out of circulation by the makers of this version.. DAMN!

Award winning indie Rocks w/Wings is presently rated "8.4/10 from 132 [imdb] users":

More here, including generous footage samples

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snipped from an imdb RwW user review, presently the 2nd down from here:

review title: DVD IS available!, 26 September 2009
Author: wygit from United States

And after a lot of searching, I found you can get the DVD of the movie.

The team has a Facebook page, and the admin posted:

I've had several inquiries regarding the documentary, "Rocks with Wings" in regards to availability and purchase. I've contacted Rick Derby before and this is the information that he sent:

As the DVD is not mass produced, I ask $40 per DVD from individuals. The institutional rate is much, much higher. The Shiprock price is $20 per DVD.

Send your check to:
Shiprock Productions 107 West 75th Street, #3B New York, NY 10023
Contact Info: Mr. Rick Derby, [email protected]

I've emailed to confirm the price, and a check is going out as soon I get a reply.

the Facebook page for the actual team is:

Edit, Sept 27th [2009]: Just got a reply from Rick Derby, confirming the above.

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