the pedo character

I think Kinsey himself did a lot of great work and I really enjoyed this film but I wanna ask about that character saw in the film who:

1) talked about having intercourse with over 9000 people? (if I heard correctly... yes, its over 9000 lol) that seems a pretty high figure... is it even possible to do that?

2) didn't he also say he had intercourse with 500 children? that I find really disturbing, how can you molest that many kids without being jailed? plus why didn't kinsey report him and prevent other children from being abused?

I know it's a true story but I find this character totally unbelievable o.o unless I misunderstood


1)Since he, himself was sexually abused as a youth (I believe he mentioned this), it wouldn't be so difficult to see a person having intercourse (hetero & homo) an average of 225 times a year for 40+ years (I don't recall how old he was) sometimes twice or three times a day. Hell, wasn't he the one who could get an erection and orgasm in like 5 seconds?

Did he say 500 children, or did he say 500 times with children (which would be more convincing as he could have repeated relations with the same children for years).
Either way, it's not like pederasty is something kids talked about with their parents in the 1930's and 40's- well alone today. In fact, great suffering continued because it was something you "weren't supposed to discuss". Heterosexual abuse is one thing. But a boy admitting he was sexually abused by another man was and often still is a deep, dark secret that never sees the light of day.

I found the character freakish, but not completely unbelievable.

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Interesting, didn't know that about wilt... But something tells me he was probably just full of $hit. Let's make an easy calculation: he lived till 63 years old and lets assume he started to f*%+k around 15, thats 48 active years, hence 20'000/48/365 = 1.15 girls/day... for almost 50 years??! I guess its possible but highly improbable. But maybe if you are a superstar like he was it's makable, dunno....

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I've wondered about the Wilt thing myself. Those women must have been arriving in groups by the busload to rack up that much fotzen.


It just goes to show how different some sex lives are to others! I read that Kinsey and company did encounter a person or people like Braun. I don't find him unbelievable at all.

As for how he gets away with his crimes, he says that his work with the forestry department requires him to travel an awful lot and meet a wide variety of people. As for the stats, this is straight from the movie: Sex with 22 different species of animal, 9,412 people (including 605 boys, 231 girls), recording "the depth of every vagina, the length and circumference of every penis..." He also describes growing up part of a heavily incestuous family, losing his virginity at 10 to his grandmother, his first homosexual experience at 11 with his father, his encounters with roughly half of his relatives spanning 5 generations... (shudder) And he says it all with such pride, considering himself "quite a catch."

When Kinsey clarifies that he has never condoned child abuse, saying "No one should be forced to do anything against their will. No one should be hurt," Braun's childish retort is a defensive "You know, you're a lot more square than I thought you'd be."

If there were to be a sequel, it should be about Braun!


Simple answer: he was BS-ing.

Other than the numbers cited, which as others have pointed out was just unbelievably, anyone willing to brag about such a thing in the first place, true or not, must have a screw loose.

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Without a pedo experimenting subjects, how could kinsey would know how many orgasm a toddler can have in an hour ? Within 24 hours.

There are quite 'intersting' letters between Kinsey and those 'experiencers'.

Kinsey was a sick *beep*