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A question about methodology.

I understand that dr kinsey had a deep influence on todays understanding of sexual behavior.

But i still Wonder, in his writing about pre-adolescent orgasms ( data in tables 30 to 34 of the male volume, which report observations of orgasms in over three-hundred children aged from two months up to fifteen years) .

How did he exactly proceed to determin the number of orgasm a toddler can have within 24 hours ?

It's up to 26. Four years old can have twenty six orgasms in 24 hours.

But for 11 months old, the best result were 14. Not bad.

Well, for people than know Kinsey better than me, can i ask you how did he achieved those results ?

Did he manipulate toddlers orally and manually himself, or did he observed 'specialists'doing so ?

Or maybe did he use 'Hearsays', but that wouldn't be very scientific when it comes about children's orgasms.

There are lots of people defending Kinsey here.

So i guess it's the right place to answer.


He and his assistants did it and timEd it.

His methodologies were highly unorthodox and/or unethical.

His samples were also highly biased. He sought after organizations such as the Mattachine society (a gay rights group) and the Daughters of Bilitis (a lesbian rights group) for large portions of his samples, which may or may not account for his over representation of homosexuality.
Also interviewing friends and family which in this day and age would be considered biased and unethical.

However, this is not to diminish his work and the knowledge gained from his work. He really paved the way for modern sex research and a greater understanding of sexuality.

You may also find the research by Evelyn Hooker on the adjustment of the male overto homosexual of interest as well as the research by Laud Humphrey titled tea room trade. These were equally influential research that were inspired and potentiated the spirit of kinsey. Humphreys was equally controversial as he basically participated in explicit sexual acts and then stalked his participants.

Evelyn's was more ethical but biased in the small sample size, the weeding out of "undesirable" subjects and the reliance on tests that no longer hold any merit in modern psychology (the rorschach test). In fact, if Evelyn's research proved anything it was that rorschach tests and testing psychological adjustment is extremely flawed and biased to the psychologist.

Hope you find this helpful (I'm a grad student studying sex).