Jedi Knight IV on E3 2010???

Hey guys and girls, check

It is leaked version of E3 2010 (may 9 2010) listings
But it is JK 3 not JK 4- JA was perhaps an expansion

If this is not fake, then lets pray and wait until June 18- I failed two times to convince people that there will be a new JK, but I never surrender

Lets hope
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Didn't happen, sadly.


Now that Disney owns what was left of LucasArts and Lucasfilm, it's an open question. For now it seems that the serious has been buried indefinitely. With the much ballyhooed "rebooting" of the Expanded Universe of Star Wars, a lot of fans probably assume JK is dead forever. The last games we got that had any semblance of a game like this were the two "Force Unleashed" titles, that still lacked many key elements of JK, like the FPS elements, online multiplayer, and a few other things.

But who knows, maybe they'll "reboot" the JK series as well with flashing new graphics and an "edgier" take on the story and characters. That seems to be all the rage these days with video game developers...

I'm all for it, so long as they don't just copy Halo or COD with it (shudders). (not mine, but I like it)