I have to admit ....

I played Mrs. Latcher in this film and I have to admit, she was my favorite part in the entire story when I listened to it on tape.

I actually had no idea I would get the part because, at my second callback, Alfonzo Arau got a cellphone call which he took. He walked to the back of the room talking as I finished and I thought, wow, way to hold his attention, Neva.

Time passed and I figured that one was gone, then I got the call.

It was cold as blue blazes, which made the outdoor scenes no fun.

And ... at the very last minute, there was a question about the accent I was using. I took it from David Lansing in the book on tape but apparently, it wasn't what Alfonzo wanted or remembered from my audition and two call backs....that was a tense moment when he said "You're a southern woman. Just be a southern woman."

Oh God. I had no idea what he wanted. Ha. It is whatever it is.

Anyway, I fell in love with Melinda Dillon. I already loved her as an actress but after this shoot, I also felt she was a friend. That's really rare.

Loved chatting with Scott Glenn too. I remember, at the premiere in Los Angeles, he said something to the effect of "You clean up nice". Ha. They aged me as Mrs. Latcher and made my skin look kind of mottled. I knew what he meant.

Mrs. Latcher is probably my favorite role to date. I'm grateful to have been part of this.