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Part of my 'real crime' anthology

Not the best show but I enjoyed it, I recommend watching The Wire, Underbelly, Intelligence and this one in any order, they have a lot in common and it makes a great anthology of crime/police Tv shows (shows that equally shows the cops and the criminals)
(try watching them in almost chronological order, it's fun : Underbelly Season 2, Season 3, Season 1, The Wire Season 1, 2, Line of Fire, Intelligence, The Wire Seasons 3,4,5)

If you have shows to add, feel free, I'm always eager to discover great Tv series.


I would love to actually have an ongoing crime procedural that I could sit through but alas the modern procedural is heavily contrived and dumbed down. In my opinion there are actually only three complex quality crime dramas on the air right now. (justified, South land, and The Closer)