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Dry Documentary, Not Entertainment

I was excited to see a movie with such an all-star cast, but disappointed once I ordered it from PBS. 90% of the movie is a narrator talking, with occasional quotes read by famous actors. The actors never appear on-screen. It's very historical, but not very entertaining. This is just another dry documentary, which is why it hasn't gotten more attention.


thank you. i almost bought it because i thought it was with teh actors but now with that fabulous warning i will pass

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[deleted]'s like every other awesome documentary PBS airs then? You wouldn't last a minute with any of Ken Burns' incredible, award winning documentary series(es?) then. Or god forbid, a book.
I do thank you though because I wanted to find out what channel it originally aired on to see if I could find it on Roku. You should probably stick to the "History" channels' glossy, factually muddy docudramas in the future though as PBS documentaries are more of a thinkin' woman's 'entertainment'. After all, they contain limited explosions and whatnot :/

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(Couldn't resist a shout out to Kroll Show yo! ...The thinkin' woman's guilty pleasure. Besides STAMPS.)