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Necropolis Awakened, Coming April 22nd!

Directed by Garrett White, in Necropolis Awakened, the small town of Skyhook has become an experiment for the undead and their leader, Nefarious Thorne. Everyone in town is either dead or part of the undead and it is up to the lone survivor, Bob, to send the zombies packing! Filled with adrenaline pumping action, gut wrenching horror and high-octane car chases!


" Bob the Alcoholic goes to Zombie Land and drops a Herculean Smackdown on some undead ass in the White Brother's NECROPOLIS AWAKENED, the most ambitious micro-budget horror effort to cross my desk. Ever. Period. Bar None. It's a true testimony to the results that a little desire and a good deal of hard work will get you. And as my farmer neighbors are prone to repeating, "nothing ain't worth doing if it ain't worth doing right."

Bob the Alcoholic, a character molded in the vain of Ash from ARMY OF DARKNESS, has been holed up in a cave for weeks. His peaceful desert hometown has been taken over by a corporation of undead zombies, called Neo-Genentrix, who use the locals as cattle. Hermit-like to begin with, it isn't until members of his own estranged family are put in jeopardy that Bob takes matters into his own hands. Be it blasting lead or bare-knucked brawling, Bob's going to make sure that undead heads are gonna role...or go "splat."

The idea of an Undead Corporation takes George Romero's DAWN OF THE DEAD view of consumerism a step farther. Rather than reflecting the cattle-like nature of blind consumerism, the White's capture the soulless nature of corporate greed and the capitalistic desire to infest every home with one's wears. The ultimate goal of head zombie, Nefarious Thorne, a Bill Gates by way of Beelzebub figure, is to eventually monopolize the undead market and create a zombie dictatorship modeled after Hitler's regime. The guy even has his own swastika-like Neo-Genentrix logo emblazoned on every piece of company-owned merchandise from cars and trucks down to the gestapo-like getups worn by his gang of zombie stormtroopers.

Short of asking them directly, I have no way of knowing if the White's set out to make a politically-based action/horror film that's as equally fun as it is smart, but there are too many elements that fall perfectly into place for NECROPOLIS AWAKENED to be some sort of "happy accident". With any luck, you'll see this one on the video shelves in the near future and get to judge for yourself. "


i saw it and it was pretty good the sound really annoyed me and the picture quality was pretty cheap but overall was good not bad for such a little flick