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Errrm. The accents in the trailer? Far + Away Territory.

I've watched the trailer a few times and the paddywhackery is beyond redemption.
Seriously, how has this one gotten a get-out-of-the-worst-Irish-accents-ever-in-a-trailer category? Was there one? If there isn't the BabyJesus says "YEEEESSS" to the creation forthwith of one.

Not one of them has nailed a proper Irish accent, even Pitt was better in Devils Own. And that takes some pwning. Seldom one sees something this excruciating as an Irishman. Sure, 'twas probably meant well and that but fexake lads this is a butter-side down extravaganza of disservices to the Irish accent.

Any way ye can re-shoot the dialogue so that it sounds someways human?

But fair play to ye for makin' the film. Just get the FECKIN' accents right. See In Bruges for accent referentials.


Just watched the trailer again.
Jesus wept, it's like watching Fawlty Towers without the funny bits. Some Irish person back me up, the accents are atrocious, Malcolm McDowell is great but he's hit the road in spots over the last 40 years. This is a point where he lost more brake fluid than career baggage. Pity, because he's normaly eminently watchable.

But this film looks like it could be the single greatest piece of high-bolix trailer, selling beyond the films original remit, ie COME WATCH THIS when the realiuty is that the film looks like an unequivocal piece of crap.


i believe most of the cast members are irish and their accents are authentic.


In the trailer, (as emphasised in the threads title) the lions share of dialogue belongs to Malcolm Macdowell, Heather Juergensen, Greg Ellis and Max Beeseley, none of whom are Irish.
And their accents are brutal, truly ridiculous. Cringeworthy, stage Oirish, embarassing.
The Irish actors barely get a look in during the trailer, Olivia Treacy with "Have a bit of respect" and the other sister, Susan Lynch, who has a Northern Irish accent, slightly misplaced by a coupla 100 miles for a film supposedly set in Dublin.


accents are accents.

colin farrell does a horrible American accent too, but we live with it, no big deal, dont be uptight, dude!