Horrible film

I like to be happy around Christmas.
But when I see this movie, I want to punch the TV screen. So I will give you this statement:

This movie blows.



I thought the same exact thing.
She was a bratt


Turn off your tv next time, unless you break it first. This movie is not for NUTS. Wonderful world we live in that we have the opportunity to change channels if we see something we do not like.


Dear people eating cows,

You have broken my heart. You obviously have no sense of the spirit of Christmas because you are mean. Eloise at Christmas, although I have yet to see it, must be even greater than the original Eloise in the Plaza (2003) because it is all the joy of the original Eloise with the addition of christian values is just overwhelming. I am crying right now. It moves me to think of all of the beauty in this movie that I haven't seen. Please cheer up its just a movie :)



I LOVE this movie!! and if you punched the tv,you're knuckles would really hurt. :D


It's a fine family and chidren's film. Young Sofia perFectly captures Kay Thompson's precocious and frentic young heroine. One of the better Christmas movies.

You're obviously sufferly from indigestion from eating too many cows.

Blaine in Seattle


I agree, I mean sure it can be a little cheesy, but I think Sofia Vassilieva was a really good choice to play Eloise, and Julie Andrews was great too. I like to put on this movie because it makes me cheer up if nothing else.


What don't you like about it? You have to give a reason if you want your opinion to matter.


This movie is only 6 years old (The little girl's age) Give it a break... I thought it was funny.

But I think the little girl's acting was pretty not so good either.

Expect the drama parts hehe^_^

Hi I'm 9 years old so I'm a kid

Worse actres Anna paquin.


Not much to discuss now is there? I could try to persuade you to see it another way, but what good would it do? You already formed your opinion and you made it quite clear that your opinion wont change. So, short of agreeing with everything you say, there isnt much to say. And agreement isnt a discussion, a discussion is when two (or more) sides of an argument are presented in such a way that each person has a chance to accept, or at least understand, someone else's view.

I guess I could ask you to explain your disdain for this movie; but even that wouldnt be a true discussion unless you let me explain an opposing view. But, short of an emotional outburst, as you already demonstrated, I dont see you adding much in the way of giving me an answer or trying to accept/understand another view.


"And agreement isnt a discussion, a discussion is when two (or more) sides of an argument are presented in such a way that each person has a chance to accept, or at least understand, someone else's view."

No, you twat, that's an argument. We can definitely discuss how much this movie sucks. Personally, when Eloise was in the barber shop speaking to herself (er to us, as a narrator) and she using the word "detest," I literally burst out laughing. College graduates use the word "detest" ... in their papers. Normal people, and especially six year old girls, would sooner use the word "hate."

This movie is so filled with pretension I loved watching it. The my opinion of the quality of this movie, however, is not a function of the quality of my experience.

To the person who suggested changing the channels... yeah twat I have never heard that retort spoken toward a flamer. Yeah, he's flaming, but that's the good out of bad movies. You have fun making fun of them. The movie wasn't unbearable, but there were a lot of corny and cliche moments that made me laugh heartily.

You can enjoy watching a horrible movie. Only dim-witted, superficial, and unfathomably mindless viewers can equate the enjoyment with the quality of a movie. Cretins.