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Bottoms Should Star In A Film About How GWB Keeps Beating Dems !!

I can't wait to see them get their asses kicked in 06, 08, and so on!!!



Well, we'll have to skip '06 now won't we? But '08 may be different, seeing as how the Democrats aren't gaining any fans right now. As of this writing, Congressional Approvals are about the same as they were just before the election. Harry Reid's are actually lower than the President's, at a horrible 19%. Unfortunately, the President can't boast about this much, since his are around 35%, which isn't much higher than the Congress. Much of the reason is Iraq, and also Immgration Reform, one dividing Democrats and one dividing Republicans. So of course, nothing gets done! Frustrated Americans will likely not vote for Democrats in Congressional races next couple of times, but the question is still out there who will win the '08 Presidential Race. Stay Tuned...


OK, 2010 now.

really looks like your film idea ain't gonna happen..........

.........unless for something you can categorize as "science fiction".