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Just met Kel and David, the writers\actors\dire ctors

These guys did a presentation to our school today to show us a bit of the film and encourage film-making. It was pretty cool for me cos I love movies and I am an amatuer film maker.

They spoke to a room full of young people before talking to some of us Year 12 guys in a meeting environment where they spoke about processes and such to making a successfull movie like this one.

Havn't seen the film yet, but the guys who made it are great guys and I think its worth looking at just for that.



Yeah, it did pretty well. It was released world wide and there is a sequel coming up soon.


The only reason why it propably did very well is because the cover doesn't show any pictures, and the story on the cover is written better than the overal story of the movie itself.. I for one bought it because I thought it could be at least entertaining.. I've had my share of bad movies, but this one is the worst movie I've ever seen... especially since I expected at least a movie, and not a home-video..
You say you haven't seen the 'movie' yet, so you can't really comment on it.. Just read most comments on it, I have yet to see one that has something positive about it...

don't get me wrong, it's ok for an amateur home-video, but I'd rather watch the a testscreen for 1.5 hour than having to watch that movie again...


If you had seen the "film", you would have either laughed, or been inclined to slap them.


like.. dude if you go to there website... you'll find 2 huge ego's surrounding the place... ... laugh yer bum off:)

I know what I am and you don't know what I am,'cause when you know what I am,I am no longer...