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The ending *which means spoilers*

She has a deranged man stalking her and she leaves her door unlocked, later arriving home to find a dead women in her kitchen. Who the hell would be that stupid? Other than the ending the movie was actually not so bad.

Countess Ellis von Schweinsteiger Graphite Pennyloafer of Rotisseries III, the Unfamiliar.


It was textbook Lifetime, which means in the last 10 minutes:
The leading female character is in distress;
She will fight with the bad guy and think she has disabled/knocked him out;
The bad guy will have reanimated;
The good guy will come in and be seriously injured by the bad guy;
Despite being able to seriously injure the stronger good guy, the bad guy is killed by the weaker leading female character; and
The leading female character will tend to the good guy

Hey you! Is done by TV cops for foot chases. Real cops don't do this.


Not to mention we don't even know what happens to her Husband. A bit annoying.