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absolutely no pity for her....(Spoilers)

Jeff is a news reporter who travels a lot because of his work but he loves his job and he's the primary wage earner. His constant traveling causes problems for his wife Donna who wants him at home more. When he leaves on his assignment, she shows absolutely no affection towards him.

She tells her friend Roz that she resents him being away for so long and that she's tired of being a mother, father, cook and chauffeur. Nothing is said about her ever discussing her issues with her husband previously.

Roz tells her that back in college she never thought of her (Donna) as falling for that "stand by your man stuff". A very insightful comment as it will turn out. If her friend has that impression of her then that insight says a lot about her attitude towards her husband and his job along with her role as a wife and mother.

With Roz, she meets her child's teacher, Adam, for first time when picking her daughter up from school. Roz mentions how good looking he is and teases Donna about it.

Jeff calls and says he won't be home on time for their anniversary and he's going on another assignment that he volunteered for. Donna tells him that she just thinks he did it because he needs his space and tells him to go to hell. Later, she tells their daughter that she just wants him to come home. Okay, which is it?

Adam calls her at work to discuss her daughter. Roz jokingly suggests to her that Adam has more on his mind than just her daughter. She even points out about the way he looked at her when she met him for the first time and that she seemed flustered by him. She denies it saying she's a married woman.

Donna meets with Adam and he talks about her daughters attitude in school. He also brings up her and her husbands relationship. As she leaves, he compliments her hair and again she acts a bit flustered by him. Why does she allow him to discuss her personal relationship? Why does she seem flustered by him?

Donna talks to her daughter who thinks her parents are getting a divorce. She tells her daughter they are not getting a divorce but just having some disagreements and says all parents have them. She also says that they have some things they have to work out and they will. Apparently she says this just to make her daughter feel better since she so far hasn't given any indication of it being true.

Alone on her anniversary at a music recital she runs into Adam. She again seems flustered by him. He asks about her husband and she tells him he's out of town. She then invites him to join her in the seat next to her that was supposed to be for her husband. Why?

After the recital, they talk about music and, about to part ways, Donna thanks him for "making it a more enjoyable evening". Adam then talks her into joining him for dinner saying, "please don't say no". She agrees. Why? Doesn't she remember what Roz told her about his possible interest in her or doesn't she care? How appropriate is it to have dinner alone with another man who obviously has more than just a friendly interest in you on your wedding anniversary?

Over dinner, she begins to act like she's smitten by him and they start to talk about personal relationships. Isn't it just a bit inappropriate to talk about such a thing with your daughter's school teacher not to mention that the dinner itself was in a somewhat romantic setting and they basically acted like a couple?

After dinner, just as they are about to leave the restaurant, he says he doesn't want the night to end. She says "oh Adam" and he then leans in and gives her a small brief kiss on the lips. Why doesn't she stop him, slap him, tell him that it was inappropriate and just leave? Instead, she seems receptive for a moment and then says she has to go home.

He follows her home and to her front door. As she opens her front door, she says that he shouldn't have followed her and he can't come in. Why didn't she get mad? Why not threaten to report him to the school?

She closes the door then immediately opens it. He steps in and she lets him first kiss her neck then they kiss passionately before she tells him that he has to go. He smiles and, just before leaving, they kiss again and then he leaves. Okay so her previous behavior is now obviously explained. She's smitten by him and willingly receptive to a romantic relationship with him. So much for telling her daughter that her parents will work out their problems or maybe this is the way she plans to work things out.

The next day, when asked by Roz about the concert, Donna smiles and says it was glorious and she loved it. Unknown to Roz, She was apparently describing her interaction with Adam.

Donna then tells Roz that she bumped into the Adam at the concert. Roz says that explains why Donna seemed distracted all morning and that she had the look women seem to get when they've been naughty. Donna protests, saying nothing happened. Roz doesn't believe her and kind of knowingly asks her how it was. Donna smiles and Roz tells her to be careful, that "people are going to get hurt, people you don't want to hurt". Donna asks what she means and Roz says she doesn't know anything about the Adam and that she's a big girl. Roz was reminding her that she's a grown-up and should know better. Being friends since college, Roz apparently has quite a bit of insight with respect to Donna's moral character.

Adam calls while they're talking and Roz answers; handing the phone to Donna. Donna makes believe she's talking with Adam about her daughter while Roz is within earshot. Adam asks her when he can see her again; suggesting that evening at his place because it's more private and less chance of anyone seeing them and he offers to make dinner. Donna says "thank you" and she appreciates him calling then hangs up. She lies to Roz telling her that Adam said that her daughter is doing better at school. Okay so now she's lying to cover up her intended affair with Adam. She has made up her mind to cheat on her husband and pretty quick too. What other reason to lie and agree so quickly to go to his home?

That evening she goes to his house. She acts comfortable while he gives her a tour of his place; not at all like she's having second thoughts about being there. He offers her a glass of champagne and is very receptive to his kiss, returning it and kissing passionately. She lays back on a couch and again they begin kissing passionately. Soon they make love which he secretly video tapes. She apparently falls asleep for a bit and when she wakes up, she says that it's late and she has to go pick up her daughter showing no regret for what she just did.

Returning home and showering, she's surprised by Jeff waiting in their bedroom. She's surprised but doesn't act happy to see him, only asking him what he's doing here. He says he lives here. He tries to hug her and she pulls away saying that she would have liked to have heard from him and then walks away from him. He tells her that he's home for good with a permanent station assignment in the city. All she can says is "are you serious?". She doesn't act happy at all at first. She looks at him momentarily with contempt before asking him what's going on. He tells her why and explains that it's because he was almost killed in Bosnia. He then tells her that he realized how important it is to be with his family. They hug and kiss.

So she originally was unhappy because Jeff wasn't around much and she wanted him home. She told her daughter that they will work out their problems which every couple has, but when her husband suddenly returns home she's mad and initially treats him with contempt. By her initial reaction to seeing her husband whom she supposedly wanted to be home more often, she revealed more about her character. Seems to me that if she loved him and wanted him home, she should have run into his arms at the first sight of him but she didn't. Instead, she initially treated him with contempt.

Adam then comes to their front door and Jeff as answers. Donna seems shocked by his appearance. The daughter identifies him as her teacher. Jeff invites him in. Adam says he was in the neighborhood and thought he would check to see how the daughter was doing. Jeff asks if there's a problem. Donna thanks Adam for his concern telling him everything is fine. Adam then leaves. Jeff is a little suspicious and asks Donna what's going on. She tells him that their daughter was having a tough time with him being away and took it to school with her, saying that Adam was just concerned about her. Jeff says that since he's home there shouldn't be anymore problems. Donna replies, "shouldn't be" and Jeff kisses her. She shows little affection to her husband after adam leaves.

The next day she goes to the school to see the Adam. She tells him that what happened between them was because she was vulnerable and she made a big mistake. Really? Vulnerable? Be honest with yourself! She was angry at him husband for not being there. She consciously decided not to try to work things out with her husband and instead decided to have an affair, while fully aware of what she was doing. She even still has mixed feelings for Adam even though her husband is back home.

She then tells Adam that "if things were different...". Suggesting that she does in fact still have strong feelings for him and if her husband hadn't returned she would like to continue their affair.

Adam asks how she can say that after the last two nights? She doesn't answer so he steps close to her and says "You know you want me". She pauses for a moment and replies that she's in love with her husband and wants her marriage to work, also saying she's sorry to Adam. This woman is one for the books! She's in love with her husband? Why then did she say what she did? She could have cut him off right there and left but she doesn't.

She lets Adam gently brush her hair before whispering for him to stop. He accuses her of being afraid of him and how he makes her feel. She says nothing and let's him step closely behind her. She lets him rest his head against her's as he says, "you need to be touched, to feel the way I make you feel". Why let him do that if she truly did love her husband and didn't have strong feelings for Adam?

Afterwards, at the bookstore, Roz sees the look on Donna's face and comments, "it looks like he didn't take it too well", obviously knowing what had happened. Donna says that it was awful and then comments, "what was I thinking?" and "how did I let all this happen?". Why did she feel bad about how it went with telling Adam that it's over? She told him it was over but why so concerned for his feelings? What about her feelings for her husband?

Their house is broken into by Adam, they discover the burglary, report it and Donna finds Adam's watch in their house that he left during the burglary. She confronts Adam who threatens her about revealing their affair to Jeff. Maybe now would be a good time to tell her husband about it but she makes no attempt to tell him.

Donna tells Roz about Adam threatening to tell her husband Jeff. She asks Roz what she should do and Roz says to do nothing and not to open a can of worms; reminding her that she and her husband are making their relationship work. How can it work with a lie? She has a threat by Adam to reveal their affair to her husband so wouldn't it be less painful for both her and Jeff if she were to confess it to him rather than have Adam do it at any time?

Later, Adam sends a copy of the secretly filmed video of him and Donna making love to her husband Jeff. Imagine how disturbing it must have been to watch a video of your wife screwing another guy. The hurt, pain, devastation and anger he must have felt. The woman you loved, mother of your child in the bed of another man and obviously enjoying it.

Donna finds Jeff packing his clothes in a suitcase and she asks him what's going on. He confronts her, showing her the video on their TV while commenting that Adam apparently does a little tutoring on the side. Donna turns off the video and Jeff says that it feels like someone just died. He then says that he wanted to believe that she wanted him home and that he even felt guilty about it. Donna says that she wanted to tell him. There was never any indication that she did. She lied to put herself in a slightly better light.

Jeff says that the video tells him everything. He then tells her that he's picking up their daughter and under the circumstances, their daughter is better off with him. She protests. Jeff says he wants their daughter out of the house, the school and not near Adam. What did she expect from her husband after discovering her affair; especially after watching a video if it?

Donna talks to Roz and tells her that Adam ruined her life and destroyed everything important to her. SHE ruined her life and SHE destroyed everything important to her by having an affair. She's in the "I'm a victim even though I cheated on my husband" mode.

Roz tells her that she (Roz) thinks it's her (Roz's) fault because she saw the way Adam looked at Donna and saw it all coming. Roz tells her to talk to her husband again and not give up. Roz was correct. As a friend, she should have warned Donna instead of teasing her about Adam but once again, Donna tries to suggest that she's a victim. Roz's admission that she saw it coming is just confirmation that she knows Donna to have a questionable moral character.

Donna then goes to speak to Jeff and he asks Donna if she has gotten a lawyer yet. She pleads with him to talk to her. He tells her to talk all she wants. She tells him that when he didn't take her calls and she didn't hear from him on their anniversary she felt like he abandoned her and she was hurt and angry and she did something really really stupid. Okay so now she tries to lay the blame on her husband and categorizes her cheating on him as something just stupid? She just makes excuses; blaming him for her infidelity.

Jeff tells her that she made her choice and that he's made his. How can he possibly want her back? Seeing that video will forever be replayed in his mind at the slightest of reminders. All the trust he had in her is gone.

Donna goes to the police but they don't believe her. Donna investigates and finds another victim. Adam ends up killing one of his previous victims who came to Donna's house offering to go to the police with her. Donna finds the victim dead in her home and is confronted by the Adam who tries to kill her. She knocks him out briefly. Jeff arrives and he is stabbed by Adam. Donna fights Adam, finally grabbing the knife and stabbing him to death. She crawls to Jeff to help him and calls for an ambulance. They seem to reconcile. After all that she did and how she treated him it would be a dreadful mistake.

The marriage will never be the same. She committed the ultimate betrayal. How could he ever trust her again and not to mention the stress it puts on their relationship worrying if she's cheating again should any problem crops up in the future. No one should have to live like that. Taking her back suggests that it's ok to treat him like crap. What was she thinking in the first place? Didn't she understand that the hurt she caused her husband was something so awful that it would end their marriage. How about the effect it would have on their child? Cheating is not a "mistake." She is an adult of sound mind and knew exactly what she was doing.

How does he live with constant reminders that cause flashbacks resulting in reliving the pain and images of his wife's infidelity. By him divorcing her, he takes ownership of the situation; no longer is he letting her steer their relationship, and he is taking charge of his own life. His primary obligation is to himself and his child; not her. He shouldn't allow his wife to dictate how he chooses to respond to her bad behavior. He should remember that his wife never confessed to the affair. He only found out because of the video.