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Enjoying this docu drama a lot

I have seen the first two parts before the Netflix DVD quit working which seem to happen a lot lately, but from what I have seen this docu drama is very well done and sourced. I am learning so many new things about Benjamin Franklin and what a great man he was. We would probably never have become independent if not for him.

We see so many pictures of him as an old man but he was a virulent young industrious young man at a very early age. Wish there were more real men like him now.

Edited to add: I have received a new disc and watched the remainder and still loved it. I was very surprised at the end when they discusses Franklin becoming a strong abolitionist and when it came to the Constitution's creation, no one could agree on what was in it but went ahead and signed it anyway expecting it to be changed in the future due to it being flawed as it was...yet today, people like to think our founding fathers meant it to be so solid as to be embedded in stone, but they didn't; they expected it to be changed and updated in the future. Now anyone with a beef wants to quote the Constitution as if it was not a living document that should be changed as society changes. The gun control battle is one such incident. I think they would be rolling over in their graves to think things like assault weapons are sold to average citizens when all they needed was a musket for protection because of lack of a police force at the time and the dangers they lived in then...we don't have to worry about that.

IMDb; where 14 year olds can act like jaded 40 year old critics...another poster