The dream sequences....

I thought the back to back dream sequences, first with the girl on the bridge standing over her dead friends, bloody axe and covered in blood, and later, the blonde actress, walking bloody and naked in slow-motion down the railroad tracks as the sound of a tuning radio station and crying baby fill the audio, was just soooo damn freaky. Holy crap!

Clark's differing personalities were in direct conflict with each other (note the bickering and the macabre dreams), ignited by his planned trip to the forest, where, of course, he was raped as a child.

From the first shot in the film (Clark driving and looking back at the empty seats in the car), I knew something was up. I thought at first it was symbolic but, in hindsight, I realize it was literal -- he was truly alone.

Some of the shots reminded me a lot of the film, ATROCITY EXHIBITION.

All in all, a great piece of art.


All in all, a great piece of *beep*


i think jameslisk has to be joseph d clark himself.


Well… The dream sequences ARE the most noteworthy part of this film. They were really atmospheric, and very well done. They should have made the whole flick a series of dream sequences. The film would have been infinitely more interesting.

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