what do you think

what does anyone think of this movie?



I liked it. No, scratch that, I *loved* it!

This movie was the first DVD we ever bought. Ever. Everything else had been VHS cassetes (I was a 90's kid, okay?) before this one. That makes it a little bit more special in my heart.

And I learned two of those songs in different languages. "Boring" I learned in French, and "Imaginary Friend" I learned in Spanish.

Mo was just too adorable for words. Then again, Optholamosauruses were also too cute for words, what with their big ol' eyes and stuff. Anyways, Mo's playful innocence was so darn cute, I just wanna hug him!

*snuggles Mo, who whines and tries to escape*

Stay where you are! Nothing can be done until my sermon is complete!


One of the better LBT sequels.

Mo is a fun character. The "swimming sharptooth" keeps things exciting.

A good mix of adventure, funny moments and songs. Good for young children.

Simular in tone to parts 2 and 5.


Piece of crap. 4/10.