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That part in the hangar-turned-hospital...

Where everyone was trying to evacuate? And there was a patient or two that was begging to be helped out?

Oh my God that was the saddest, the most depressing, the absolutely worst thing in this film. It was the first tear I shed during the film; something about knowing that they won't make it, and hearing the absolute terror and panic and hysteria that goes with that revelation is made me want to gather up all of those people who died such wretched and surely painful deaths (both in the film and undoubtedly in real life) and hold them tightly. It was a hospital. Next to a place of worship I consider hospitals and ambulances to be 'targets' that you never shell or attack, but that's just my humanity speaking.

I felt the same way many times while watching Schindler's List as well as the end of The Boy in the Striped Pajamas. Full-blown futility like that just fills me with a sorrow that I myself can't even fully fathom.

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