Where Earline, Emma?

Im sorry, but that one line just says volumes to me.

Donna was obviously very take charge, as some people who are thrust into any situation will do, whether it is poverty, bigotry, institutionalization as seen here and even in depictions of prisoners of war, such as the Nazi death camps, there will be someone trying to maintain discipline and order around them and display normalcy.

So Donna gets back from Hemlock and first thing she wants to know is where is Earline.

We see the two little down syndrome girls looking rather sad, no doubt told by the director to react to Donna having to learn her friend was dead.

then Donna turns to the other downs syndrome girl and says 'where Earline, Emma?'

Emma quickly turns away and finishes making the bed!!!!!

I love it every time I see it. Emma dodged that bullet. She's not going to be this messenger. She had a bed to make!!!


But then poor, scared Margret knows she must tell her friend the truth, even though she knows she'll be punished, causing her to have a meltdown. Powerful stuff.

No dessert Jerri. Don't touch the dog. DON'T rub your feces on the lamp shade.