Pretty Far-Fetched

Just saw this movie, and I had a real problem with the core premise.

I just couldn't believe any young guy would have difficulty functioning with a beautiful woman in his bed. All because he'd watched some adult movies and fantasized about an Amazon woman?

I have viewed erotic material almost every day for the past 30 years, and when I'm lucky enough to be with a real woman I never have trouble 'performing.' Nor would I ever choose my erotica over the real thing.

The 'pornography' aspect of the movie felt too much like the ridiculous propaganda in 'Reefer Madness.' Essentially, the message was that if you watch erotic movies then you can never have a normal relationship. Hogwash. Erotica simply serves as an 'emergency ration' until the real thing is available.


Porn addiction is a real thing though---check out the new movie DON JON, which is also about porn addiction, and how it can mess up your life. Just because it works well for you dosen't mean that it works well for everybody else.



There is NO SUCH THING as 'porn addiction.' That's a term used by guys who refuse to take responsibility for their actions.

However, I will concede that an obsession with porn (actually, I HATE that word and prefer to refer to it as 'erotica'), can be real. But it's a compulsion, not an addiction. And it's no different than those who experience a compulsion for drinking, gambling, stealing or shopping. If you doubt what I say, look up the definition of addiction. True addiction contains a physical component (not just psychological), and those who suffer from it experience withdrawal symptoms that go beyond simply 'wanting' something. Drug and alcohol addicts can literally die when their addiction is cut off. That's not true for anything else.

And there's no way I'll watch 'Don Jon' because the supposed love interest is Scarlett Johansen. And to accept prospect would require a suspension of disbelief beyond which I am capable.


The guy getting sidetracked because of porn isn't far-fetched to me and I'm glad this movie was made. It is realistic and porn addiction is now getting more attention in the media although it's not always portrayed seriously.

Not everyone who drinks a beer or puffs a cigarette becomes addicted. Whether you consider porn a compulsion or an addiction, if something is affecting your life negatively and getting in the way of what you really want do then it can be considered a problem. Many people report that they do.

Here's a quick YouTube video about this subject:


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