Just bought it!

OMG! I can't believe this was such a good film! I bought C.R.A.Z.Y. too and watched it before GE, and I was like "There is no way it could be better than CRAZY" but I saw it and it was really good! CRAZY is better, but this film is actually really good! I really liked it! I could feel the characters, that sex game with the blonde (I still don't know the names of the characters!) guy's girlfriend and him was just weird, I think more so than The Dreamers brother and sister game with Michael Pitt! I must say, I had some doubt in buying this since I knew there was going to be much nudity (I hope no one gets offended) and being a French film, I thought everyone was going to be uncut and to me that is a turn off...but surprise, the Muslim guy and 3 of the Water Polo Team members were cut (Especially that one showering with Louis Arnault, was he Muslim? I dunno, he was HOT though! Yummy! Black hair and in front of him, by the Albino guy! In the second shower scene!!)! But the film was very good! I really liked it!