Stacy Dash

Yep, I admit.... I bought the dvd. But then again I DO have a very good reason.

STACY DASH! I mean come on.... let's be real. How can you NOT enjoy any moment she is on screen? If only I'd cross paths here in town.... Stacy...if you come this way.... meet me for beer and a burger?

OK, and now.....back to our REGULARLY scheduled programming...

<=====looking for "still" button on dvd


i wouldn't even watch this long enough to see stacey dash...and her presence in the cast was the only reason i tuned in to see it on hbo in the first place.
full of cliches and completely laughable.

gregory 30210.


Lol yeah I'm probably gonna get it on DVD after seeing it for the second time last night in a couple of years. I liked Stacey and Lisas characters I wish both of them were in more shows/movies. I hope they might bring Stacey back to "The Game" when they re-air it on BET this fall.