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something that bothered me this time that hasn't before..

So, for some reason while watching this movie for the like 1,000th time last night, it really bugged me that the whole thing is something that only Jenna will remember. I guess that might be a good thing because I don't think Matt would want to remember breaking her heart near the end, but it's kinda sad he won't remember the little moments between them, like eating razzles, kissing her by the swingset, doing the photo shoot, etc. I guess they could still do all those things but some reason it makes me a little sad that only Jenna remembers them. And would she even remember after a while or just think it was a weird dream. I would like to believe she would remember it because she obviously does at the end when Matt opens the closet door.

Plus, just a little side note, but what did Jenna end up doing for a career when she grew up instead of working at the magazine? Would she do something in photography or writing maybe? I know, I know, I'm way overthinking this. Just something I always wondered.


I don't see why she couldn't hold on to the memories.

When Jenna rewrote destiny by kissing Matt, she obviously decided to go down that path due to her experience in future events. Unfortunately, Matt's not going to have them, but the outcome is greater than what was going to take place. They can create new memories of their own as a couple. (In all honesty, I think having Matt forget about what's-her-face would benefit him more since he avoided what could have been a hasty divorce).

As for her line of work...I'd like to believe she was still in the magazine business at the time, but instead of Poise, it was the competition, Sparkle. Perhaps she was treated better and actually changed her attitude now that she's with Matt.

I can't see Jenna doing anything else. Maybe Matt works with her and helps out with photography. I could see both needing to be gainfully employed with such a huge house.