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Why this Movie has not yet been released on DVD

Ron Ormond made this film, along with "The Burning Hell" for his personal friend and "spiritual guide" Rev. Eustis W. Pirkle. From that time, Pirkle Ministries kept tight reign on the film up to Pirkle's death in 2005.

When Pirkle was still alive, it was difficult to even get a copy of the film because Pirkle Ministries kept a limited supply of the tapes. All copies were leased from Pirkle Ministries at $200 USD per tape (and brocheres concerning issues discussed in the film were included). Because of the rise of VCRs, MS3TK, and general making fun of bad films like "Footmen" and "The Burning Hell," Pirkle's group would not loan tapes to those who had the money unless the ministries were satisfied that the renter's intentions of borrowing this film were bona fide.

That's probably why you copy (like mine) is really poor quality.

Now that Pirkle has gone to his great reward along with many of the communists depicted in this film, I wonder if the family would sell this to Something Weird or No Shame.


Also, it could be that anybody, thanks to Negativland, might sample the film and rearrange the words to something other than "Christianity is stupid. Communism is good. Give up!"


One of the greatest cultmovies ever made! Yup, it deserves a proper dvd release, especially now with all the religous insanity that's poluting our world at the moment.

Denmark's only kickass r'n'r zine:


It needs a release, but you can just find it on Google, the whole movie is in Public Domain.