the title?

does anyone know if the title is a biblical quotation? it is one of the weirdest things about the movie....

oh, apart from piercing a boys ears with bamboo sticks after hearing a christian sermon...

oh, and making children pray to jesus for candy....

oh, and chopping off a little boys head after he refuses to stamp on a picture of christ, 'if he died for me then I am prepared to die for him!'

its like gordon herschell-lewis does the 'ten commandments'!



Yes this was a quote from the Bible. I don't recall the exact verse but Jeremiah complained to God that the evil he confronted was too great to which God replied "If footmen tire you what will horses do?", meaning it would only get worse.


I read some comment about this movie once that went along the lines of..

the "Footmen" are the various sins, like drugs and rock and roll. If you are unable to resist them then you haven't a chance against the "Horses" the communists use when they invade.

The "Horses" being the more graphic depictions of coercion in the film.


Roberto, here is the ACTUAL quote from the bible:

Jeremiah 12:5:

"If running against men has wearied you, how will you race against horses? And if in a land of peace you fall headlong, what will you do in the thickets of the Jordan? "


The title is the same title as Estus W. Pirkle's book. Unfortunately, book titles don't often lend themselves to being good movie titles. But even as a book title, it's a little too long and unwieldy.