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I have a better ending . . .

As noted in the Trivia section, it took director Stephen Herek a while to come up with the ending. It's not a bad ending, and it is cute.

But I am unsatisfied with it. A movie character, especially one of the main characters, is supposed to change and/or grow. But what we have at the beginning of the movie are cheerleaders, young, cute, peppy, and beautiful. What we have at the movie are cheers who are bridesmaids, still young, cute, peppy and beautiful.

Here is my ending.

The new Texas Rangers are introduced. In the new group are Heather (Vanessa Ferlito) and Anne (Christina Milian). Roland with his arm around Molly, and
Emma are there for the introduction. The other former cheerleaders are there,
one with a husband and baby. Barbara has writes for a local newspaper, and so forth. Hugs all around. Heather the hugs Roland and Molly again and thanks them for the character references, otherwise, she would not have been accepted into the Rangers. Sorry she couldn't be at the wedding.

Emma pulls her line, "Dad, I've given it some thought. I'm going to drop out of Vassar and come home to be a cheerleader." And so forth

They cut to a party at the church with Rev. Percy sparking it up, still with his collision at the table in the back.

We now have growth or change in the characters and in Roland and Molly (they are now married) as well Emma. They all add meaning to society in different ways, now.


Actually that would have been a great wedding. Haven't seen this movie in ages and then just spotted it on Netflix today