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This may seem totally crazy, but ...

I swear the character of Evie, who is listed as being portrayed by actress Monica Keener, was being played by Hayden Panettiere at one point.

Now this movie has been showing up on TV lately and in viewing it I can see that Monica and Hayden have a passing resemblance to each other.

And perhaps for some reason the producers need to do a re-shoot of a scene or two for some reason and Monica was unavailable and they asked Hayden to substitute.

The scene where I was first hit with this idea is when all the girls are seated around the dining room table chowing down on their veggie based meal, and TLJ comes in and serves himself up a slice of the meat loaded pizza he ordered. The girls get in to a discussion with Roland (TLJ) about women and the closeup shots of Evie seem to me to be of Hayden and not Monica.

So does this even seem possible? Or is it completely off the wall?

Then again maybe I'm just bonkers (entirely possible).


Am watching it and I thought it was Hayden Panettiere until I read your post.

I guess it's like looking at clouds. You see one thing and I see another. Peace.


you are just bonkers LOL


I don't think so watching it now and it was just Monica