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The ultimate show for product placement

This show is nothing but advertising masquerading as facts about food products! Most of the tours are made with a wink, so you can't see all the chemical additives, food dyes, and "natural flavors" being swirled into the foods they're advertising. An episode about candy comes to mind, which I watched out of morbid curiosity, and most of that candy had "flavoring" that was not just lemon extract...
Then the companies get to brag about how theirs is the best, and even Marc Summers gets in on it reading copy that I'd swear was written by actual advertisers. Example: "They're great on a bike ride or a hike!" talking about Quaker's nasty granola bars.

I'd love to see an episode from the first season to see if it was more pun-filled and less advertising-ridden between the commercial bumpers.

I'll admit it is nice that they highlight smaller companies, but I still feel like this show is so pandering. I'd imagine it appeals more to kids than adults who can see through this nonsense.