To the HBO Execs

Now I am not a die-hard sports fan, but I did watch INFL on a semi regular basis but after a 31 year run HBO Sports President Ross Greenburg, decided to end “Inside the NFL”, a “Bonehead Move” (as per Bob Costas). At the very least this is another example proving HBO executives ineptitude and they are consistent in destroying the network.

Which leaves the question is paying extra for that network in my premium line up worth it for 30mins of Entourage? Since aside from that and Big Love, they have nothing.

To the HBO execs, I have zero experience in the industry, I have zero contacts in the industry, I am not a college graduate and I bet I could be a better programming director than what you have at the moment, it’s not like i could cause less viewers, your current line up and choices have done that already.

Do you dare to trust your ailing network to a complete and utter novice? Here’s a thought how about a Documentary based on me becoming your new programming director. I am sure I can get better ratings than shows like “John from Cincinnati” ever did or could.

[email protected] (I am dead serious)


Well, I hope the execs that decided to end this show are kicking themselves next year when the viewership goes down. Was this decision made right this week or was it always that way throughout the season?



HBO is seriously falling off. The Sopranos ended, The Wire ended, some boxing fights go to hbo pay per view when the 2 main fighters don't deserve to be there, and they cancel Inside the NFL.