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Two songs from soundtrack


Two of the songs from the game are by Shawn Lee. You can find them on itunes.
They are called 'P Walk' and 'The Chase'
They're great, can't find main theme though. If anyone knows pass on info to me please


cool! can we listen to them for free?


could u send to me please. iv been trying to find some of the soundtrack for ages, and i wud be reali grateful if u cud send to me.
email: [email protected]



his song "Oslo morning" is the end theme. :D (yay oslo is the capital city of norway, and i'm from norway, LOL)


The composer of "Oslo Morning", "P Street" and "The Chase" is actually Andrew Hale, aka the keyboardist/composer of the band Sade.


No, it's Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra. Andrew Hale did do the majority of the Getaway music though.


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No, it's Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra. Andrew Hale did do the majority of the Getaway music though

No, actually, from this link you can see that Andrew Hale is the main composer of those few pieces ("Oslo Morning", "Gerrard Street", and "The Message, pt 3")on the "Strings and Things" album. ns-vol-3?cat=entertainment

Andrew Hale also served as the producer and keyboardist of this album as you can see from this link. Plus, "Oslo Morning" is much like his style with the use of strings and synthesizers. Compare it to to "Pearl" on Sade's album, and they are very similar. Andrew Hale composed "Pearl" with Sade. sions-Vol-3/Shawn-Lee/e/780661118626/?itm=1

ETA: Looking closer now, it seems that some pieces from "The Getaway" were actually added to the albums, "Strings and Things" and "Moods and Grooves", composed by Andrew Hale, probably because he was the producer of both CD's. So even though the album was mainly composed by Shawn Lee, there were those few pieces that were a collaboration of both Hale and Lee. No wonder, because I've heard them before I heard "The Getaway", and I thought they sounded familiar.

"Moods and Grooves" s-vol-2?cat=entertainment ions-Vol-2/Shawn-Lee/e/780661116929/?itm=12