The love element

Would the love element have been realistic? Because the vibe you get from the commies is that that sort of thing should be rejected as bourgeois.


Not only may it have not been historically accurate (although the Soviets did let a lot of little things slide during the war), it made little sense and was played to death in the film itself.

He barely even talked to her before leaving on the mission, and the few things he did say were mean and dismissive. Why on earth would she be so obsessed with him?

Then the film spends soooo much time showing her senseless and unbelievable anguish and torment.

Maybe there's a different cut that fleshes this out a little more?

It sure didn't make any friggin' sense to me. I even found her somewhat annoying if I'm honest.



That´s why it was such a fake film. The Captain passes on his chance and the other officer who gets rejected turns all of a sudden into a father figure and we´re all left pondering this ridiculous "romantic" bubble.


I think it would have worked if they added to the film about 15 minutes more and within the time establish the relationship. She was awfully pleasant to look at ... which men and woman like.