Did anybody else notice that about an hour in (when she's just gone in the roof) you can see the action board clipper thing (that they hold infront of the camera before shooting)?
I initially thought it was a gouly running across the screen, but I rewound it and it's deffinately the clippery thing.
Tee hee. Ah well, I suppose that scene was a bit too dark for the director to notice.


Yes, I barely registered it the first time, but after finishing the movie, I recalled you mentioned it, so reset the DVD to 1:00:00 or slightly before and there... there when the flash light hits the wall with the little valve wheel, you can see a strips on the clapper, held for a second and zipped off screen. Very dark and quite easy to miss.

Looks like a reflection (which is what I thought it was the first time through) but I can't see what it would be reflecting on... Strange it being there...

Good eyes.

Also, a snipet from the scene is used in the TV spot for the film, but the clapper is not part of the film used...

And the shot for the DVD cover art has a blooper in it. When going up through the ceiling, she has to lift a trap door. In the film, there is no wooden support used. In the cover art the door is held in place with a wooden support even though she is holding it up... They forgot to remove the wood once she was holding it at the right height...